Section 1. Management by Declarant. Development Period shall mean that period of time from the date of recording the Declaration until (1) January 1, 1998 or (2) the thirtieth (30) day after Declarant has transferred title to the purchasers of Lots representing 100 percent of the total voting power of all Lot Owners as then constituted (so that Declarant no longer is entitled to vote either as a Class A or Class B member of the Association pursuant to Article X, Section 3) or (3) the date on which Declarant elects to permanently relinquish all of Dilatant's authority under this Article HI by written notice to all Owners, whichever date first occurs. Notwithstanding anything in this Declaration to the contrary, until termination of the Development Period, either upon the sale of the required number of Lots, the arrival of January I, 1998, or at the election of the Declarant, the Property shall be managed and the Association organized at the sole discretion of the Declarant.
Section 2. Notice to Owners. Not less than ten (10) nor more than thirty (30) days prior to the termination of the Development Period, the Declarant shall give written notice of the termination of the Development Period to the Owner of each Lot.. Said notice shall specify the date when the Development Period will terminate and shall further notify the Owners of the date, place and time when a meeting of the Association win be held. The notice shall specify that the purpose of the Association meeting is to elect new Officers and Directors of the Association. Notwithstanding any provisions of the Articles or Bylaws of the Association to the contrary, for the purpose of this meeting, the presence, either in person or by proxy, of the Owners of five (5) Lots shall constitute a quorum.. The Board of Directors and Officers of the Association may be elected by a majority vote in said quorum.. If a quorum shall not be present, the Development Period shall nevertheless terminate on that date specified in said notice and it shall thereafter be the responsibility of the Lot Owners to provide for the operation of the Association.
Section 3. Declarant may in Dilatant's sole discretion, and at such times as the Declarant deems appropriate (including in the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, if the Declarant is the Incorporator of the Association), appoint three person who may be Lot Owners, or are representatives of corporate entities or other entities which are Lot Owners, as a Temporary Board. This Temporary Board shall be for all purposes the Board of Directors of the Association, and shall have full authority (including the authority to adopt or amend the initial or subsequent Bylaws of the Association) and all rights, responsibilities, privilege and duties to manage the Properties under this Declaration and shall be subject to all provisions of this Declaration, the Articles and the Bylaws Provided that, after selecting a Temporary Board, the Declarant, in the exercise of the Declarant's sole discretion, may at any time terminate the Temporary Board and reassure the Declarant's management authority under Article III or select a new Temporary Board under this section of Article III, When the Declarant has appointed a Temporary Board, the Temporary Board, during the Development Period, shall have, and may fully exercise, any power or authority granted to the Permanent Board after the Development Period.
Section 4. So long as no Temporary Board is managing the Properties or until such time as the first permanent Board is elected, should Declarant choose not to appoint a Temporary Board, Declarant or a managing agent selected by the Declarant shall have the power and authority to exercise all the rights, duties and functions of the Board and generally exercise all powers necessary to carry out the provisions of this Declaration, including, but not limited to, enacting reasonable administrative rules, contracting for required services, obtaining property and liability insurance, collecting and expending all assessments and Association funds, and enforcing this Declaration (including foreclosing any liens provided for by this Declaration). Any such managing agent or the Declarant shall have the exclusive right to contract for all goods and services, payment for which is to be made from any monies collected from assessments. In the event that Association expenses exceed assessments, any monies provided by Declarant for Association expenses that would otherwise be paid for out of Association assessments shall be considered a loan to be repaid to Declarant through regular or special assessments from the Association, together with interest at 12 percent (12 %) per annum.
Section 5. These requirements and covenants are made to ensure that the Properties will be adequately administered in the initial stages of development and to ensure an orderly transition to Association operations. Acceptance of an interest in a Lot evidences acceptance of this management authority in Declarant.
Section 6. Declarant shall have the management authority granted by this Article III notwithstanding anything in this Declaration to the contrary Declarant, as the Incorporator of the Association, may cause the Association to be incorporated, the Temporary Board to be appointed either in the Articles of Incorporation of the Association or by separate written instrument, to terminate the Temporary Board and reassure the Declarant's management authority under this Article III, reappoint successor Temporary Boards, or take any other action permitted by this Article III, all without affecting the authority given the Declarant by this Article III to manage the Property and organize the Association at the Dilatant's sole discretion.