Belmont Woods Board of Directors Meeting

February 10, 2021 - 7:00pm

Via Webex


In attendance:

President- Brittany McLean (3 Year Term, Dec 2020- Dec 2023)

Vice President/Secretary- Amanda Gates (1 Year Term, Dec 2020- Dec 2021)

Treasurer- Abby Hernandez (2 Year Term, Dec 2020- Dec 2022)

Officer at Large- Michelle Mercado (1 Year Term, Dec 2020- Dec 2021)

Officer at Large- David Bocock (2 Year Term, Dec 2020- Dec 2022)


Call to Order:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Board of Directors meeting was called to order via a Zoom video meeting. 

Called to order at 7:12pm. 


Report of Officers:


o Fence Repair bid update

Not in the current budget to do the full fence replacement

3 fence sections in need of immediate repair

Plan to repair needed sections, and plan and budget to for a full repair in the next 3-4 years

Board unanimously approved fence section repair as noted on issue #11467


o Spring Newsletter

Remind homeowners to please pick up after their dogs in the neighborhood and specifically at the park

o Welcoming Packet

Include, HOA documents, magnet with HOA contact information, etc

Treasurer and Financial Report

o Financial Review

Board to check in on storage unit account and payment

o Delinquent accounts

40 homeowners’ annual assessments unpaid as of 2/10/2021

ACC Committee

o Outstanding requests

Board discussed updating paint color options

Board discussed having the ACC committee work to update the Policy Resolution: Exterior Paint Colors

Social Committee

o Upcoming food trucks/events

Old Business:

Storage Unit

o Storage unit cost to increase by $12/month

Board to look to decrease items in storage unit and store with management company.

Fence Repair

o Board members will look into bids for repairs

New Business:


o Board voted and unanimously approved for the President to be the designated board member of the Belmont Woods HOA bank account with full control.


o Board to consider landscape updates and discuss at next board meeting

Ratify past votes

o Board voted and unanimously approved to ratify all past votes recorded outside of the meetings from 12/07/2020 to 02/10/2021.

o Votes recorded outside the meeting are listed below.

Voting Results Report - 2020-12-07 to 2021-02-10

Issue Date Voted Issue Title

11316 12/7/2020 Fence Replacement Acc To Match Standard.

11344 12/8/2020 Trellis Addition to Back Porch

11197 12/21/2020 Vote on Whether to Conduct A 2020 Tax Year Audit Vote of The Owners to Try to Waive It

11469 12/30/2020 Patio Cover and Swim Spa Plus Sliding Door Addition

11443 12/30/2020 Vote to Send Out A Customized Acc Postcard Reminder for Applications Prior To Work $80.36

11482 1/19/2021 ACC For New Style Garage Door

11519 1/20/2021 ACC For Backyard Shed

10882 1/20/2021 In Collections With LLG--Vote To FC-PP Requ Approved-Vote to Waive Int And Late

11488 1/23/2021 Vote to Replace Dead Plants at Entrance Tims $318.20

11512 2/2/2021 Lien Warning

11616 2/4/2021 ACC To Replace Siding and Paint A New Color and Change Out Window to Non-Grills

10882 2/10/2021 In Collections With LLG--Vote To FC-PP Requ Approved-Vote to Waive Int And Late



Meeting adjourned at 8:29pm